Energy Saving for Utilities

Our energy storage technology offers solutions that can be quickly and cost effectively integrated.

Energy Saving for Utilities

Electricity network operators are constantly having to deal with the challenges of dealing with constrained network capacity or having to restore power, so having access to energy on demand is vital. With emissions regulations becoming tighter, the challenge of restoring power for customers in a cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly manner is becoming even more difficult. There is also a growing demand for electric vehicle charging, solar PV installations exporting energy, and changing customer energy needs, making the need for more efficient energy generation even more important.


Noticing these challenges, we at Horizon Offgrid Energy have invested in innovative hybrid energy systems which deliver flexible and easy to integrate solutions for the network and as behind the meter solutions for customers.

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Gridtogo™ for Utilities

Our gridtogo™ system is an innovative and adaptable alternative to deploying a less efficient diesel generator. We have battery systems which can connect to properties and deliver clean silent power while faults are repaired, or for longer outages we can provide our hybrid systems which combine a generator and battery storage capabilities. Our energy storage options are flexible, quickly deployed and cost effective, making them suitable for temporary or permanent re-enforcement.


  • Do I Need A Battery Or Hybrid Power System?

    Our battery power systems are generally used to facilitate shorter outages, providing power to a property while repairs are carried out. If you need more power to accommodate a longer outage, they hybrid system is more suitable.

  • What Capabilities Do The gridtogo™ Systems Have?

    Our gridtogo™ systems have many capabilities which make them a cost effective and efficient option, including; DSR, self-consumption of renewables, peak lopping, load shifting and islanding can all be combined in an impressive specification of a single installation.

  • What Are The Benefits Of gridtogo™ For Utilities?

    Driving carbon out of network management, lower costs, reductions in carbon emissions and improved air quality.