EV Charging

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EV Charging

The growing number of EVs on our roads means the electricity network has to adapt. The grid may not be able to cope with a number of EVs needing to charge at the same time or when high capacity charging is needed. And in temporary situations, the grid may not be available at all.

Using the energy saved in the battery of the gridtogo™ we can use a low capacity grid supply and turn it into something more powerful. The lack of power availability could be what prevents EVs being adopted at a bus station, a parcel deliver depot or a corporate HQ. The cost and timescales involved with grid upgrades can be significant too. For music events, seasonal holiday hot-spots, corporate promotions, conferences or sports events, grid power may not be available at all. Installing an upgrade or running a diesel generator will be undesirable because of cost, environmental impact and timescales.

Gridtogo™ can be connected to your existing but limited capacity grid supply and utilise what is available, drawing on this power continuously without overloading for permanent installations. When EVs are connected and the demand for power is high the energy stored in the battery is ready to be discharged.

All available power can be evenly distributed to ensure it is used as effectively as possible thanks to our smart charging technology which rations energy by interacting with the vehicles. When suitable, gridtogo™ can capture energy from solar PV rather than sending that energy back to the grid. Features such as peak lopping, load shifting or full islanding will help to maximise the return on your investment.

For events and temporary situations, gridtogo™ rental solutions can be used to provide an alternative to running a diesel generator so that vehicles can be charged without having an impact on the environment. It is possible to "borrow" power from an available socket or other connection nearby. Without overloading the supply, gridtogo™ can be programmed to make the best use of energy that is available.

Before deciding the best locations for your EV charge points, a temporary solution may be what you need while waiting for a grid update. Building your EV fleet with the aid of our solutions will enable you to overcome power availability challenges.