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Planning the power needs for an event will always be built around cost. But environmental impact, carbon emissions, air quality and noise are high on the agenda too. Supplying a reliable source of power - when and where it is needed - with the least environmental impact and at the best cost is no mean feat.

Events use power for everything from communications equipment, visitor amenities, camp sites, food concessions, AV production, broadcast equipment, security and staff facilities. The objectives for every event are the same - no matter the size or duration - while the task of delivering and supplying the necessary power can be daunting.

The environmental impact of events need to be considered and organisers are expected to demonstrate a commitment to environmental issues before securing a licence to host any event.

For broadcasters, high quality power with minimum noise is a must and using renewable energy sources is highly desired where possible. The biggest savings and benefits are enjoyed during the build-up and break down periods where power needs for events are more modest.