Energy Saving for Construction

Diesel generators are oversized, noisy, polluting and inefficient. Horizon Offgrid Energy has a modern solution to your energy needs.

Energy Saving for Construction

The construction industry relies heavily on diesel-fuelled generators, burning through tens of thousands of litres daily to meet their energy requirements. For the most part, these generators are not actually required to generate very much electricity, making them very inefficient.

Horizon Offgrid Energy offers a modern solution to the energy requirements of the construction industry with our innovative gridtogo™ energy storage generators which guarantee efficient generator loading. Our gridtogo™ generators track the demand for energy usage, so when demand reduces and the generator is charged up, it will turn itself off. Not only does this save money, it also cuts harmful Co2 emissions, improving the air quality. gridtogo™ has the added benefit of reduced noise pollution, meaning it can be operated in residential areas 24-hours a day without upsetting the local residents.

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Gridtogo™ for Construction

Similar to how a hybrid car will combine battery and engine power for fuel efficiency, hybrid power systems add energy storage capabilities to diesel generators to achieve the same results. The battery can also assist the generator in cases where the demand is very high.

If suitable, solar power can also be integrated to further reduce the need for a generator.

All of this leads to a cleaner and more cost effective energy generating solution.


  • How Do Hybrid Power Systems Save Energy?

    The introduction of hybrid technology means that, when the demand for power is reduced, the generator powers off and the energy store in the battery is used for power. If the demand is increase, or the battery runs low, then the generator is automatically activated again.

  • Can Hybrid Power Systems Incorporate Solar Power?

    Yes, solar power can be integrated with the hybrid power systems.