Energy Saving for Events & Broadcast

We have energy saving solutions suitable for small, one-day events or large scale events.

Energy Saving for Events & Broadcast

Events have a number of issues to consider when it comes to their energy requirements; environmental impact (carbon emissions), air quality and noise, to name a few. Ensuring a reliable power supply, available on demand, which is both energy efficient and cost effective is no mean feat. The ability to save money and reduce environmental impact is a significant win-win for any event and this is all possible with our innovative energy saving solutions. We work with events of all sizes and with broadcasters who rely on high quality power with minimum noise.

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Gridtogo™ for Utilities

For smaller, one-day events, our gridtogo™ can be charged up from mains power for less than €5 and comfortable satisfy the energy requirements for the day. For large scale events, which often utilise tens, even hundreds of generators, our hybrid systems can save you substantial amounts of fuel and emissions. These generators also require significantly shorted running hours, extending the life of the generator and reducing the frequency of service intervals.


  • Do Hybrid Power Systems Need To Be Re-Fuelled?

    No. Our hybrid systems are logistically superior as they eliminate the need for re-fuelling.

  • What Are The Benefits Of The gridtogo™ Systems For Events & Broadcast?

    Lower cost of fuel, less CO2, better air quality and the elimination of noise.